Monday, January 12, 2009


In China we met an amazing family from Lousiana, MO.  They were part of our adoption group and roomed right next to us at the White Swan hotel.  During those 16 days in China we spent a lot of time hanging out with them.  We had planned to visit them last year around this time but Cali ended up with the flu so we had to cancel.  They happened to be in this area over the weekend so it worked out for them to stop in today and spend the afternoon with us. 

The Cadwallader crew consists of David and Viki (dad and mom), along with their two teenage sons, a 5 year old daughter, and Julianna (a month older than Cali Liu).  All of them are just wonderful kids.  In China Julianna was always on the go………..she could not sit still.  David (the dad) was worried sick about the long trip home with her on the plane!  She has not changed one bit.  I get worn out just watching her go!  She has such beautiful features!  It is just strange to think that she and Cali spent about 10 months of their lives together in the orphanage.  Here are some pictures from our afternoon together……………… 

01-11-2009 008  01-11-2009 011
01-11-2009 003  01-11-2009 005
01-11-2009 015  01-11-2009 009
01-11-2009 002             01-11-2009 010

We basically hung out for about 5 hours and just talked.  It was such a nice afternoon with them.  The kids all got along so well.  It was so much fun watching them all interact.  The Cadwalladers pulled up in a big ol’ RV!!  We did not expect to see that pull up in front of our house.  It was pretty sweet!  We went out and took a peek at it before they left.  Cade was very impressed!  He has talked about it all night long!

01-11-2009 014
                             01-11-2009 020

The time with them went by way too quickly!  We hated to see them leave.  We are going to visit them sometime this spring………maybe in March.  Please visit our Flickr site to view the rest of our photos:

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